Three core components form the foundation for serving each and every safeguard client.  

Planning & Assessment

Subject matter experts conduct a complete assessment of current technology components, organization constructs and response plans. SAFEguard offers flexible options for accomplishing plan updates and modifications dependent upon client need and budget. Floor plan data is assembled to validate space configuration and pinpoint security sensor, camera, safety and emergency equipment locations. Emergency procedures, quick response templates and communications protocol and are digitized within each digital facility display.  

Security Development

Project SAFEguard's technical experts incorporate client data into integrated point-and-click technology applications to simultaneously depict sensor and video feeds alongside procedural protocols in a digital display. Depicted in digitized facility plans, the Project SAFEguard secure web portal displays expanded floor views of each individual building level. 

Training & Sustainment

Project SAFEguard tailors training components to enhance effective crisis management actions and maximize response capabilities. The digital platform is a powerful tool around which to train client groups along with external responders. SAFEguard also offers a variety of program options to facilitate training and maintain up-to-date emergency plans.