Why Project SAFEguard


Today, we are facing greater challenges than ever in keeping people safe in the workplace and public gathering areas. Our main objective is to provide time tested and proven solutions for each client, custom tailored to the unique environment in which they operate.  


Project SAFEguard was created to maximize institutional safety by way of merging comprehensive planning, technology and systems integration components inside a single solution.

The SAFEguard security solution is a digitally integrated system designed to depict emergency procedures and communications protocols alongside real-time video and sensor feeds on a digital floor plan in one single application. This platform provides security managers and emergency team personnel with the ability to simultaneously view real time events alongside emergency procedures and communications instructions to maximize internal response activities.

Cloud based system architecture provides the ability for immediately sharing real time information with law enforcement partners and first responder groups through command center and mobile applications to maximize critical initial response activities, minimize response time and execute fully coordinated measures to mitigate emergency events.